Study Tour

Study tours conducted by the College are part of the academic programme. The following instructions should be strictly followed with regard to study tours:

1     Only final year students are permitted to organize study tours. As far as possible, the tours shall be conducted after the mid-year examinations.

2     The application for the tours shall be submitted to the Principal in the prescribed format (available in the office) well in advance. The application shall contain the recommendation of the class teacher and the Head of the Dept.

3     Booking of the vehicle and arrangement for stay while on tour shall be made only after consultation with the authorities concerned.

4     The maximum number of days for a tour shall be three, however for  Zoology students, the number of days shall be fixed by the Head of the department and the Principal in view of their specimen collection requirements.

5     Wherever possible, the class teacher shall accompany the students. Likewise, a lady teacher also may be requested to accompany the tour party for better care of girl students.

6     The students shall obey all the directions of the accompanying teacher(s). The use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs is strictly prohibited while on tour. Any act of indiscipline while on tour shall be  considered as an act of indiscipline committed on the campus and will attract punitive action.

7     Each and every member of the tour party should see that his/her conduct while on tour enhances the prestige and reputation of the institution.

8     A tour diary with date-wise programme, proposed route, Phone numbers  and address of halting place etc. shall be submitted to the principal in advance.

  1. Students shall get the permission of their parents in writing in the prescribed form
  2. Students are strictly warned against organizing tours on their own without the consent of the principal on working days or holidays. Violation of this clause will attract punitive action.
  3. The Principal has the right to cancel or make any modification in the tour programme at any time.