Institution Innovation Council

Institution Innovation Council , Kuriakose Gregorios College, Pampady is an active body established to kindle ingenuity and innovation. Falling in line with the directions of Ministry of Education’s Innovation Council, the activities of the Council span across 4 quarters and 2 semesters.



 Sl.No  Name of Member Member Type (Teaching/ Non-teaching /Student/External Expert  Key Role/ Position assigned in IIC
1.       Ms.Mahima Ann Abraham Teaching President
2.       Dr. Thomas Baby Teaching Convenor
3.       Ms. Nishitha P Mathew Teaching Vice President, Innovation Activity Co-ordinator
4.       Dr. Berly Sebastian Teaching ARIIA and Start-up activity coordinator
5.       Ms. Archana Kartha Teaching Internship coordinator
6.       Ms. Aleyamma George Teaching IPR activity coordinator
7.       Dr. Wilson C. Thomas Teaching Social Media coordinator
8.       Preethy Saira Philip Teaching NIRF coordinator
9.       Dr. Anit Elizabeth Teaching Member
10.    Dr. Vinu J George External Expert IPR
11.    Mr. Ananthu Vasudev External Expert Start-up
12.    Mr. Raju Kurian External Expert Industry
13.    Adsa Maria Varghese Student,D2 Economics Innovation coordinator
14.    Arathy Sankar Student,D2 Economics Innovation coordinator
15.    Ambika K Student, D1 Zoology Innovation coordinator
16.    Sivin Santhosh Student,D2 Economics Start  up coordinator
17.    Abhinav Raveendran Student, PG2 Zoology Start  up coordinator
18.    Ankita Niteen Babar Student, D2 Food Science Internship coordinator
19.    Hasbimol P N Student, D2 Food Science Internship coordinator
20.    Josna Joseph Student, D2 Commerce IPR Coordinator
21.    Sruthy TS Student, D2 Commerce IPR Coordinator
22.    Jayagovind D Janesh Student,D2 Economics Social Media Coordinator
23.    Ajay Philip Varghese Student, D3 Economics Social Media Coordinator
24.    Abin Joseph Student,D3 Chemistry Social Media Coordinator
25.    Shimina Shaji Student,D2 Chemistry General Member
26.    Parvathy Manoj Student,D2 Physics General Member
27.    Santhwana S Student,D2 Physics General Member