Procedures and policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The institution obtains the necessary requirements of class rooms, laboratories and other infrastructural resources from each HOD well before the beginning of the academic year. After validation of the requirements in Staff Council, the available resources are allocated to each department. Wherever there exists a situation that a facility (a laboratory) is required by more than one departments, suitable adjustments in the time table would make the optimal use of the laboratory a possibility.

The buildings are maintained for their up-keep and repairs on a regular basis. The house keeping team regularly maintains the buildings, corridors and other places clean and tidy. The wash rooms are maintained by a team on a regular basis to maintain their usability. The Departments managed by their heads are responsible for maintaining the laboratory equipment for their operational conditions. Before the beginning of the academic year, the HODs would budget for repairs and maintenance in all their laboratories for the concerned academic year. They identify the agencies who would undertake the maintenance work and would get the equipment ready for operations before the beginning of every semester.

The institution has adequate infrastructure facility to facilitate effective teaching and learning. The institution ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep the facilities in consultation with the governing council and the management.

There are spacious class rooms and computer lab with sufficient ventilation. Each classroom has elevated platform, so that the teacher and board is visible to all the students. Regular classes run from 9.45 am to 3.30 pm. The library spacious and well maintained. The reference hall, book section, reading room is well furnished. Our library has reference section as well as the periodical section. The library facility come under the preview of the library committee. The working hour of library and the reading hall is from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Conference hall with LCD facility is used for PPT presentations. Sports, NCC, NSS have separate office rooms. The college has an IQAC room. It is used for IQAC meetings and discussions.  We have water coolers and purifiers in our college. The college has a separate grievance redressal cell. One complaint box is fixed near principal’s office.

The college cafeteria is very well maintained where healthy and hygienic food is available. Sports committee is constituted every year and director of physical education is in charge of the routine activities of the department. The purchase of the sports materials are monitored by the purchase committee of the college.


College buildings are maintained through regular checks and repairs every year. Furniture repairs are generally done during the summer vacation. The maintenance of classrooms, laboratories, including electrical fittings is done as and when required. This is done on requisition from Heads of Departments/Faculty members who inform the Office Superintendent for the servicing/repair. Computers and reprographic facilities are maintained through AMCs. Laboratory equipment are serviced through AMCs annually /as per the need. Laboratory stock registers, library books, furniture, computers and electrical fittings are audited annually by the stock verification committee that consists of both teaching and administrative staff.


Common facilities such as seminar halls and auditorium are utilized by the entire college for academic/extracurricular activities. An Event Register is maintained in the Principal’s office in which all requirements are entered in advance by the concerned faculty. Computers, printers/scanners are also provided to all departments as per the requirements. The Library Committee ensures upgradation and optimum utilization of library resources. The library is also equipped with computers having internet facility . The college has good sports facilities for both intercollege and intra college competitions. The well-equipped college gymnasium is used by staff and students either before college hours or after college hours for fitness training and Yoga sessions. The spacious courts and ground are utilized by students for regular practice. The Physical Education Department maintains a Sports Attendance Register for students. The department also has facilities for Indoor games. Students can avail sports materials by entry in an Issue Register maintained by Department of Physical Education..