Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)
The PTA takes special interest in the development of the college. The PTA has been formed with the aim of fostering and promoting good relationship among the members of teaching staff, students & guardians. The PTA conducts Counselling Sessions and Seminars for parents. After the examinations, review meetings are held to discuss the academic progress of the students. The association takes keen interest in the maintenance of discipline and high academic standards. The PTA has launched many welfare schemes and has provided infrastructural facilities including:
1. Installation of TV & VCR.
2. Loudspeaker System
3. Generator.
4. Water Cooler.
5. Retiring room for girls.
6. Renovation of Basket Ball Court .
7 Proscenium arch for College Auditorium.
8 A well furnished Seminar Hall. (Furnishing)9 Library Automation.
10 Late Rev.P.C Yohannan Rambam Computer Centre Upgradation.
11. A full fledged Sound System and Flooring of Auditorium Stage.
12. College Bus. (Supporting)
13. Smart Class Room. (Furnishing)
14. Renovation of Auditorium Stage.
15. Baselius Marthoma Mathews I Seminar Hall. (Furnishing)