National Cadet Corps

Our college has one NCC Company which is functioning under 16 KER Bn NCC Kottayam as 7th Company with cadet strength of 107. Enrollment is available for boys (SD) & girls (SW). The NCC inculcates discipline and patriotism in the youth. Physical training, weapon training, map reading etc- are part of NCC activities. Regular parades are held on Saturdays.


Report 2020-21

INSTITUTIONAL TRAINING: Institutional training conducted at colleges is the mainstay of NCC training and is conducted by Associate NCC officer of the college  and Armed forces personnel.

  • Training schedules planned for cadets ensure that the optimum benefits of the organization reach maximum number of cadets.
  • It inculcates in students the values of discipline, duty, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for the authorities and self-confidence.
  • Drills and parades are conducted for all the NCC cadets every Saturday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

CAMP TRAINING: It is the practical manifestation of institutional training. The basic aim of camps is to introduce cadets to a regimented way of life and helps in developing team work, camaraderie, leadership qualities, self confidence and dignity of labour among the cadets.


These are held within the state under the aegis of respective NCC Directorates.

  • ATC camp for B certificate:  held from 25 October 2021 – 31 October 2021

Camp location: MT Seminary HSS Kottayam.

Number of cadets attended: SD 26     SW 8

  • ATC camp for C certificate:  held from 27 December 2021 – 2 January 2022.

Camp location: Mangalam college of Engineering, Ettumanoor.

Number of cadets attended:  SD 16    SW 8


  • SU/O Akash Ulahannan was selected for pre IGC 2021 which  was held on 9 October 2021 to 18 October 2021 at Maramgattupalli.He was then selected for the RDC IGC 2021 which was held from 20 October 2021 to 26 October 2021 at Thiruvananthapuram and  pre RDC 1 2021 from 6 NOV 2021 to 13 NOV 2021 and pre RDC 2 2021 from 14 NOV 2021 to 20 NOV 2021.
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) camp: Four cadets participated in EBSB.
  1. U/O Akshara Rajesh: participated in EBSB phase 6 from 22 march 2021 – 26 march 2021 in online mode.
  2. Sgt. Mahima S Nair: participated in EBSB phase 8 from 26 JULY – 31 JULY 2021 Uttarakhand in online mode.
  3. Cdt. Sachin Varghese  Mackal: participated in EBSB – 7 in Maharashtra from 16 to 22 April 2021 in online mode
  4. Cdt. Alan Sherji: participated in EBSB phase 10 from 22 sep -27 sep 2021 in Maharashtra in online mode.


SHOOTING: All india GV Mavlankar shooting competition.

  • selection held on 28th JULY 2021 at Baselius college, Kottayam.
  • Firing practice started from 24thAUG – 31st AUG 2021.

Two cadets  got selected for IGC firing competition.

1.Sgt. Mahima S Nair: IGC firing competition Kozhikode held  from SEP 6 to 18 SEP 2021 and got first prize with gold medal. Selected to IDSSC firing competition in indore from SEP 20 to OCT 2nd 2021.

2.Sgt. Rogin M Varughese: IGC firing competition Kozhikode held  from SEP 6 to 18 SEP 2021 and got 2nd prize in SD with silver medal. Selected to IDSSC firing competition in indore from SEP 20 to OCT 2nd 2021.



The activities of NCC are structured to inspire and encourage the cadets to participate voluntarily towards improvements of their physical and social environment and channelize their energy towards nation building.

  •  Mangrove plantation project: 11 cadets cleaned Alappuzha beach and planted Mangroves in Poomeen pozhi. it was held on 19th march 2021.
  • Assistance to Police in Elections: NCC cadets  were posted as special police officers  for election duty in Kalady  ,Perumbavoor , for 2 days. (5th to 6th April 2021)
  • Jallianwalla Bagh remembrance and Plogging: Organised at Pampady, Kottayam on 13th APRIL 2021 in association with 16K Bn NCC . The run was organised in connection with remembrance day of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919 . The plogging was conducted with the  theme “Say no to plastic “.
  • Assistance to old people in  Covid vaccine online  registration
  • Online covid 19 precaution training (Tutorial on double masking
  • Environment Day:  (5 JUNE 2021) cadets planted plant sapling in their homes  and circulated videos and   photos of the same.
  • International Yoga Day: (21 June 2021)practiced yoga  at home and posted the photos for encouraging others and conducted a webinar  in association with MCHE about importance of YOGA in our daily life  21 june 2021.
  • Kargil vijay Diwas: (July 26,2021)celebrated  kargil vijay diwas by making posters and videos on the same and  Conducted a Quiz on kargil vijay diwas.
  • Quit India Freedom Run  on  August 9, 2021
  • Independence Day: (15th August,2021) Flag hoisting.
  • Bharatheeyam programme was inaugurated on 24 Aug 2021 by justice Dr.Balakrishnan C. It is a program started in association with Madathilaashan Centre for Human Empowerment ,NSS,EBSB and IQAC.
  • Webinar:(27th Aug 2021 )Reminiscing the freedom movement by Sri. M K Ravindran, freedom fighter .
  • Discovering India:(23rd September 2021) National level e-quiz series knitted in connection with the Indian government. initiative of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav ‘ to commemorate 75 spectacular years of Indian independence.
  • Gandhi Jayanthi  & cleanliness Drive: (October 2nd 2021) NCC cadets along with NSS volunteers  conducted a  cleanliness drive at Pampady bus stand and police station.
  • Reception to AKSA Bike rally: Remembering the soldiers martyred in the  Mumbai attack on 24th November 2021, the All Kerala Soldiers  Association conducted  a bike rally and they were welcomed  by our unit at Alampally, pampady.
  • 73rd constitution day: (26th November 2021)Constitution day was observed .A Lecture on Fundamental rights and  an intercollegiate quiz competition was conducted. Display boards on preamble, fundamental rights and duties were unveiled in college.
  • NCC day: (28th November 2021) was celebrated as NCC day. Two  programmes were conducted ( Blood donation and Run for health).
  • War Memorial Cleaning: (30 November 2021) cleaned  the war memorial at  Kottayam Collectorate  .
  • 5 SD and 5 SW was initiated for cleaning.
  • Homage to the  brave hearts :Cadets lighted candles at home to pay homage to the soldiers  whom we lost on helicopter crash  on 8th December 2021.
  • UBA Survey and e-shram card registration: (11th Dec ,2021)Cadets participated in the UBA survey and helped people to take e-shram card in Ward 12 , Pampady Panchayat.
  •  Puneet Saagar  Abhiyan and cycle rally– (28th December 2021)conducted in association with 16K Bn and Asianet news. Cadets and ANO  cleaned the Alappuzha beach by collecting the plastics. They also participated in the cycle rally held from Alappuzha beach to Cherthala.
  • Suryanamaskara for vitality –(14 January 2022) Cadets performed  suryanamskara and circulated  photos of the same.
  • Youth day and plogging:(15th January 2022) Plogging was organised by cleaning surrounding places and collecting  discarded plastics from pampady .
  • Republic day: (26th January 2022)Flag hoisting in college by Principal.
  • 55th Martyr’s day webinar: (30th January 2022) webinar organised in association with MGU. Message was delivered by prof.GirishKumar T.S, member, ICPR, New Delhi.
  • Fit India Campaign: (From 31st January,2022)Every cadet has to do any workout at home and has to post the details of the same in the group every day.

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