National Cadet Corps

Our college has one NCC Company which is functioning under 16 KER Bn NCC Kottayam as 7th Company with cadet strength of 107. Enrollment is available for boys (SD) & girls (SW). The NCC inculcates discipline and patriotism in the youth. Physical training, weapon training, map reading etc- are part of NCC activities. Regular parades are held on Saturdays.

INSTITUTIONAL TRAINING: Institutional training conducted at colleges is the mainstay of NCC training and is conducted by Associate NCC officer of the college  and Armed forces personnel.

  • Training schedules planned for cadets ensure that the optimum benefits of the organization reach maximum number of cadets.
  • It inculcates in students the values of discipline, duty, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for the authorities and self-confidence.
  • Drills and parades are conducted for all the NCC cadets every Saturday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

CAMP TRAINING: It is the practical manifestation of institutional training. The basic aim of camps is to introduce cadets to a regimented way of life and helps in developing team work, camaraderie, leadership qualities, self confidence and dignity of labor among the cadets.

We also develop a sense of social commitment in our cadets and they are active in social service endeavors. We render assistance wherever possible to civil administration and  done commendable work during the floods and covid pandemic. During 2021-22 two of our cadets secured first and second positions in shooting competition and they were also part of the NCC Kerala and Lakshadweep Directorate team which participated in the national level shooting competition .One of our cadets also took part in the Pre-RD camp. Besides many cadets attended different camps like Army Attachment, EBSB, ATC, CATC etc.

Office Bearers

Lt. Renish Joseph (Associate NCC Officer)


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