As a Christian institution, the college has been giving utmost importance to the spiritual well-being and upliftment of the students. To cater this objective, our institution has a spiritual organisation named MGOCSM founded on the basis of intense yearning for true spiritual progress of the youth with a motto of ‘ Worship, Study, Service’. Under this organisation, prayer meetings are conducted on all fridays. Patron Saint’s Day, Pilgrimage to Pamapady Dayara, St. Thomas Day Commemoration, The Nineveh Lent, The Great Lent, Fast a Day Feast a Friend, free lunch for needy students, medical aid, Christmas celebration and other value education classes are organised by MGOCSM every year. We also releases a news letter titled “Theertham” annually.

  1. Ashish G Mathew(Convener)
  2. Anit Elizabeth
  3. Manjith Roy
  4. Sinisha Varghese