Madathilasaan Centre for Human Empowerment

 The Madathilasaan Centre for Human Empowerment was established in the College with the intention of honouring the memory of the venerated Madathil Shri. C.G. Raman Pillai, known as Madathilasaan who was the teacher of Saint Kuriakose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan in whose name the college has been founded. Madathilasaan was a highly esteemed educator who imparted the light of knowledge to several generations. Moreover he contributed to the establishment of Government Higher Secondary School, Pampady and the Taluk Government Hospital and left a lasting legacy as a humanitarian figure in the fields of social welfare, education and public health. He is also remembered with gratitude as the great soul who donated the land on which Pampady Dayara now stands. The Centre primarily aims for the social, economic and educational upliftment of the people of Pampady. It will be a platform that facilitates students to interact with illustrious and distinguished individuals from various disciplines to promote their overall personality development. The Centre will also undertake programmes to endorse social welfare.

GREAT :- The initiative GREAT (Gregorians, Rendezvous, Erudite, Ancestral and Tutelage) suggests we have embarked on a journey to bring an innovative exposure to our students to know more about the world around them both in practical and effective terms, thereby enlightening their minds and their paths further in their life. Our objective is to provide our students to have interactions with eminent personalities under these eponymous words, who have carved their own remarkable niches‘. Such interactions and thoughtful deliberations, we are sure, will ignite our young generation to leap higher to noble and exalting pedestals of life, thereby enriching the world.