Total Hours: 30


Module 1 : Mass Media                                                                                  20 Hours


Unit: 1 Communication Functions. Types of communication. Mass communication.

Mass media.


Unit: 2 History of Journalism in India. History of Press, TV, Radio and Internet Contributions of Christian Missionaries to Indian Journalism. National leaders and their contribution to Media. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Gandhi as a journalist.


Unit: 3 Public relations Definition, characteristics scope, Public relation tools Preparing and planning House journals, News letter, Hand outs Brochures, Media releases, lobbying, media conferences.


Unit: 4 News-concepts. Definition. News classification, sources of News. Types of reporting, News gathering. Qualities of a reporter.


Module 2 Media Ethics, Law and Editing                                                     10 Hours


Unit -1 Indian constitution-salient features, Freedom of press and Parliamentary privileges. Indian Judicial system. Media Ethics in Print and broadcasting.


Unit – 2 Editing, Introduction, Principles, Writing heads and subheads. New trends in Editing. Photo Editing.