Introductory Course in Ornamental Fish Culture and Aquarium Management

                                                             DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY

                                                                VALUE ADDED COURSES-II

Course Name: Introductory Course on Ornamental Fish Culture and Aquarium Management

Offered for undergraduate students – Semester V & VI

Course code-ZYVAC02


Objectives                                                                                                                                           30 Hours

  • To give overview on the potential ornamental fishes and their breeding habits
  • To develop idea about the various management practices for breeding and rearing of ornamental fishes
  • To have a basic understandings of aquarium settings and accessories involved

MODULE 1: Introduction to ornamental fish culture

Introduction to ornamental fishes; ornamental fish keeping and culture and their commercial importance; Major ornamental fish species of India – indigenous and exotic with special reference to Kerala; ornamental plants; Ornamental fish trade.

MODULE 2: Setting up of Aquariums

Principles of setting up and maintenance of aquaria: Construction of aquarium. Aquarium accessories – aerators, filters, skimmers, chillers, lighting, decorates, etc. Latest trends in aquarium tanks.    

MODULE 3: Transportation of ornamental fishes and quarantine measures

Packaging, transportation and marketing of aquarium fishes; Anaesthetics used in the trade. Prophylaxis and quarantine; Water quality management; Common diseases of aquarium fishes and their management.

MODULE 4: Breeding and rearing of ornamental fishes

Breeding and seed production of common ornamental fishes; Construction of breeding tanks; Larval rearing; Commercial farming technologies; Indigenous ornamental fishes and their culture.  

MODULE 5: Nutrition of ornamental fishes 

Feeding habits and nutrition of ornamental fishes, feed formulation, pellatization and preparation of different types of supplementary feeds, floating pellets and sinking pellets. Use of live fish feeds; Artemia, infusoria, rotifer culture. Use of pigments for colour enhancement.


  • Aquarium fabrication and maintenance
  • Breeding set up for live bearers
  • Visit to ornamental fish farm