General Library

College Library is settled in calm and   serene  atmosphere   close to the college building. The library is spread over 7000 sq ft and has a seating capacity for 100 students. The Library follows the open access system and has a total of 17606 books of which 16773 are textbooks and 833 are reference books. It also subscribes to 30 periodicals. The library is automated and is subscribing NLIST of UGC INFLIBNET which provides access to e-books of 195809+ titles and e-journals of 6293+titles.Library has back volumes of journals and also provides reprographic services to the clientele.


1 Ms. Mereena Raju M.L.I.Sc, NET Librarian (UGC)


General Rules for Library & Reading-room

  1. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  2. The library is kept open from 9.00 am to 4.45 pm on all days except
    Sundays and public holidays.
  3. The identity card is to be produced for entry into the reading room and for issue of books.
  4. Each student will be issued a borrower’s card (UG-3, PG -4) against which books may be borrowed from the library.
  5. Books must be carefully examined at the time of issue. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage detected later.
  6. Marking in book, spoiling or causing damage to the binding , tearing of pictures or any other way of mutilation of magazines, books etc. are a serious offence and punishable.
  7. Periodicals, Books of reference and rare books will not be issued for use outside the library.
  8. The loss of any book must be immediately reported to the librarian
    and with permission, the book may be replaced by a new volume, failing which, its cost decided by the librarian must be paid.
  9. Sub – lending of books is strictly forbidden.
  10. Books and other personal belongings should not be taken into the library; however each student may take a notebook with her.
  11. A student shall not retain a book for more than 14 days. If the due date is a holiday, the book must be returned on the next working day.If a student fails to return the book on the due date, he/she shall pay a fine for each day the book is kept beyond the period allowed.The book may however, be renewed on the due date. The book must be produced at the library for such renewal.
  12. The librarian has the right to recall a book at twenty four hours notice.
  13. No dues certificate for T.C. is issued only on returning library borrower tickets.
  14. Keep the library neat and tidy.
  15. Avoid using mobile phones inside the library.