Examinations and Internal Assessment


In addition to regular test papers, the college conducts two series of internal examinations in each semester. The following rules are applicable:

      1.Exemption from attendance at examinations and test papers are granted only by the Principal.    

  1. Request for such exemption must be made in person at least two days
    before the commencement of the examination and shall be forwarded through the teacher concerned / the class teacher.
  2. In case of illness, the Principal may insist on the production of a Medical  Certificate from a duly qualified doctor or arrange the applicant to be examined by a competent medical officer. The expenses of such examination will have to be borne by the applicant himself.
  3. Absence from examination and test papers without leave will render the students concerned liable to serious punishment.     
  4. Re-examination is not offered as a matter of course. But when a re-examination is offered, absence from such re-examination, for any reason whatsoever will be regarded as equivalent to failure. A suitable fee may be collected from students for whom re-examination is offered.
  5. Malpractice of any sort in test papers and examinations will render students liable to severe punishment which may amount to suspension / expulsion from the college.
  6. Defaulters of payment of fees are not exempted from examination and test papers.

      8.  Both the  UG and PG programmes envisage a  mandatory continuous evaluation of students by the teachers. The         University has laid down certain norms  by which the teachers can assess the students internally and award marks. Students’ attendance, their score in the frequently conducted      test papers, their performance in assignments, seminars/practicals etc count together to one’s internal assessment score. Those who fail to score the prescribed minimum for internal  evaluation  at  degree  level  shall do  those  papers next year  and shall not be  considered successful until he has cleared his internals. 

  1. Students who absent themselves from the test papers/examinations shall lose the proportionate marks for internal assessment.