Business English Certificate Course




To develop the students ability to use English language accurately and effectively by enhancing and moulding up their conversational skills.
To develop the critical and analytical faculty of students and to improve their proficiency in reading, writing and speaking.
To train students in the art of communication in formal as well as informal situations.
To equip the future generations to be confident and proficient in job sectors with good grasp over the global language.
To make the students competent in their job-seeking, job-getting, and job-holding needs and to equip the students in Comprehensive Language Enhancement.
To build students, quick adaptability skills and the way of expressing according to the situations.
To equip the future job seekers to understand demands of creative communication through writing and speaking skills.
Creative Communication Skills                                                                            05 Hrs
At the end of the module the learner will be able to
1.Develop vocabulary and improve the accuracy in grammar.
2.Produce words with right pronunciation
3.Improve LSRW- listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and the related sub-skills.
Listening & Speaking Skills                                                                                            05 Hrs
The students will be able to :
1.Recognize correct speech sounds of English in order to enable them to listen to English and speak with global intelligibility.
2.Speak English confidently and effectively in a wide variety of situations.
3.Develop communicative skills, which will enable them to prepare for a career and function effectively in it.
4.Be equipped in oral communication to enhance their academic and professional use of language.

Reading & Writing Skills                                                                                                   05 Hrs
At the end of the module, the learners would:
1.Be efficient in reading texts by refining their reading strategies.
2.Critically analysing a given text/material.
3.Develop appropriate and impressive writing styles for various contexts.
4.Can rectify structural imperfections and to edit what they have written.
Letter Writing Skills                                                                                                       05 Hrs
At the end of the module the students will be able to :
1.Communicate through various type of letters.
2.Situations of letters.
3.Different types of letters
4.Expressions of contents
Conversational skills for an interview                                                                        05 Hrs
Students would acquire :
1.Skills in interview situations
2.Confidence in executing themselves in an interview
3.Questioning and reasoning skills
4.General communication and effective way of establishing themselves.

Soft Skill Development                                                                                                          05 Hrs
Students will:
1) Develop and exhibit and accurate sense of self.
2) Develop and nurture a deep understanding of personal motivation.
3) Develop an understanding of and practice personal and professional responsibility.
4) Group discussion and evaluation
5) Understands self skills and talents.
6) Use of skills and talents in workplace.
Live Session                                                                                                                              05 Hrs
1.Overall summary to all modules
2.Booster modules
3.Additional skills
4.Interactive sessions with the tutors.
Course Evaluation                                                                                                              05 Hrs
Practical Evaluation of the students.