Beauty Therapy




Indian women are now making waves in the international fashion scene. For achieving success in the career of glamour world, looks and guts are needed. Beauty therapy helps women to become glamorous, self confident and it also provides self employment

ASSESSMENT (How and when to be stated)


Paper I- skin treatment (4 credits)

  • Clean up,
  • facial ordinary

Paper II-    Hair treatment (4 credits)

  • Henna treatment
  • Head massage
  • Flower making
  • Hair removing
  • Threading

Paper III-Practical’s (4 credits)

  • Skin treatment
  • Types of skin facial
  • Hair treatment
  • Henna
  • Head massage
  • Flower arrangement

Paper IV project/training (8 credits)


Paper I -Body care (3 credits)

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Body massaging
  • Hair style
  • Make-up

Paper II- practical I (6 credits)

  • Facialing
  • Shahanaz Herbal

Paper III -practical II (3 credits)

  • Hair style
  • French roll-Side French
  • Diamond ten roll-two roll

Justification: To provide self-employment for women

Paper IV-

Project, training (8 credits)

List of books recommended attached

  1. Fashion and modeling(Nirmala Stevens)
  2. Art of flower make-up(Soorya Bhagath singh)
  3. A complete book for flower making(Sundhra Misra)
  4. Beauty care(Niranjana Kapoor)
  5. Body care