The activities of the P.G Department of Commerce are spearheaded by the Commerce Association of each year. The association has each and every student of the department as its active members. The association is led by a body consisting of Association Secretary, Joint-Secretary and the prefects of each class under the guidance of Head of the Department, Association-in-charge teacher and other teachers of the department. The association plays an important role in making the department a front runner, in and out of the college.


We focus on the physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, and aesthetic power of students to transform them into intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritual inspired youth.


We change the lives of a group of committed youth by making their dreams come true and to make an immortal impact in the society by emerging as true leaders.




The Commerce Association during the academic year 2016-17 conducted programmes with the following objectives.

  1. To bring about an overall development in the outlook of its members by imparting the necessary skills.
  2. To develop the soft skills and leadership skills among students through conducting various programmes.
  3. To channel the vision and mission of students towards lucrative career opportunity.
  4. To bring out the talents of the members in the fields of arts and sports.
  5. To develop a harmonious relationship with the fellow students of other colleges by way of participating in the activities and competitions held in other campus.
  6. To acquire event hosting skills by way of conducting inter collegiate, inter department and inter class programmes.
  7. To put the concept of “Espirit De Corps” into practice.