Management Science Association

Activities 2017-18

Farewell Program

A farewell party was organized for the pass-out batch 2014-17. The program started out by lighting candles and passing on the candle to the upcoming 3rd year students, followed by a video presentation which show cased various photographs taken during their time in this college. Aravind Suresh and Ashik Sebastian were the main hosts of the program. They called up each member from the pass-out batch and gave them fun-filled tasks. They were given time to share their memories among the entire BBA Department. This program was held in the ME Kuriakose Media Centre. 

Yoga Day

BBA Association 2017-2018 celebrated Yoga Day as on the date 21 St June 2017. The main aim of the programme was to bring out the importance of yoga among the students. The introductory speech about yoga was conveyed by Kirshnaja Nair of D3 BBA. Various poses were shown by Shine Shaji of D3 BBA. The poses practiced were Merudhandasanam, Bhujangasanam, Pavanamuktasanam, Matsyasanam, Shalabahasanam, Chakrasanam, Padmasanam Halasanam, Shirshasanam, Poorna Yogasanam, and Surya Namaskaram. These various poses were charted and exhibited across the open stage of the college along with pictures and its benefits. The benefits of these various yoga poses were explained in both Malayalam and English. Devika Anil and Sneha Mariam Vinod of D2 BBA explained the various benefits in Malayalam while, Krishnaja Nair of D3 BBA explained in English.
Moreover, news about BBA Department of KG College celebrating the Yoga Day was included in the articles of Malayala Manorama Newspaper Pampady Edition and it was also aired on TV (ACV channel).

Thursday live programme

BBA association performed on the open stage as part of the live program conducted by the college. The main theme of the program was kept as Nationality while the performances were dedicated to our dearest friend Aravind Suresh. The number of songs selected for the various dance forms were favorites of Aravind.
Moreover, the program also aimed at building awareness among students and college staff about the need for safety for women in our society; for which Shine Shaji and Aghil Mathew Cherian of D3 BBA show-cased a short yet very expedient self-defense technique. The program concluded with hoisting of the national flag and the song Vande Matharam playing in the background.
    According to the college staff members, the program was well conducted and the department was congratulated for show-casing such a wonderful act.

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
A flash-mob was conducted on Tuesday 27th of June 2017 with regards to International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking June 26th This program was held at Pampady bus stand to capture the attention of youngsters who are mostly exposed to such usage of drugs. The dance was purely conducted to bring awareness among the public (young ones, middle aged and elderly) about the adverse effects abuse of drugs have on individuals. Charts and placards were raised by our students to convey the message to general public.

Chocolate Day
As part of celebrating chocolate day 7th July 2017, BBA association distributed chocolates among the teachers and staff members of the college. Moreover, a short speech was conveyed over the college radio about chocolate and its benefits.

Malala Day

BBA Association celebrated Malala Day by putting up a short story competition among the students of the various departments of the college on the topic Education of The Girl Child. The winners of this competition were

Mandela Day

Mandela day was celebrated on 18th of July 2017, by putting up a timeline about the various activities Nelson Mandela did as a great personality. Various charts were hung up across the open stage of the college.

Nature Conservation Day

    As part of the Nature Conservation day (July 28th) BBA Association decided to plant a mango tree. The sapling was planted on the college premises on the side of PC Yohannan Ramban Block by our Respected Principal Dr. Sherly Kurian.