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Attendance and Leave
Attendance & Leave of Absence
1        Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period. Late-comers shall enter class rooms only with the permission of the teacher.
2        Students who leave class - rooms after roll call without the permission of the teacher are liable to severe punishments.
3        Impersonation at roll call will be considered a serious offence.
4        Application for leave of absence for more than 3 days due to illness should be supported by medical certificates.
5.      A student's coming late to a class after roll call shall be treated as absent for that period and leave may be obtained by following the procedure given in rule 9 below. 
6.       Students absenting themselves from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satis-factory   explanation will have their names removed from the roll temporarily. 
7.       A student sent out of the class by a teacher shall lose    the attendance for the duration he is out. 
8.       Disciplinary action will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves on insufficient grounds.
 9.      A student requiring leave for a day or a part of a day should apply for it to the Principal or to the teacher authorized by him and get his counter signature and submit the form in the college office. Such applications should be submitted on the very day of his/her return to the College. An application for leave should have the following information:      
1.       Name of the Student:      
2.       Class, Group & Class No.      
3.       Local Address of the Student      
4.       Date(s) and No. of days for which leave is required      
5.       Reasons for Leave     
6.       Signature of the Student      
7.       Recommendation by Guardian or Warden      
8.       Recommendation by the Class Teacher      
9.       Principal's Order 
10.     The responsibility of making sure that a student has earned the required minimum percentage of attendance (75%for the year) rests entirely upon the student.
          The University insists on a minimum of 75% attendance during the course of instruction for permitting students to take the examination.      
          The College expects a much higher percentage of attendance than the minimum 75% required by the University. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to find out from the college office the attendance score of their wards from time to time.
          Condonation of shortage of attendance is not granted as a   matter of course. It will be granted only in cases where it is satisfied that the students could not secure 75% of attendance for reasons beyond their control.          
          Exemption will not be granted for more than one academic year in any course of study or for shortage exceeding twenty days.          

          Timely applications for leave will have to be submitted through the class teacher and leave should be   granted at the time.                 

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