Institutional Distinctiveness

K.G College, Pampady, an educational institution under MOC management has a vision and mission to impart quality education to the students. At the same time it is indebted to the society on a large scale. The college, situating at Kilimalakunnu was founded in memory of the Holy Saint Kuriakose Mar Gregorios, popularly known as Pampady Thirumeni, well known for widespread charity works. In keeping with the vision of Pampady Thirumeni, whose life was a glowing beacon of charity and compassion, the college specially caters to the weaker sections of the society.

The following are the some of the charity works undertaken by the college during 2019-20

  1. Asha Kiran, a palliative care unit, situated very close to the college, where old orphans are accommodated. The college is regularly supplying water for the use of inmates. The students and teachers make regular visits to Asha Kiran and provide financial assistance and also spend much time with the inmates.

  2. MGOCSM (Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement) has a very good unit in the college. It is secular in nature and students from the all the communities has taken part in its activities. ’Fast a day and feast your friend’ is a flagship programme of this organization. Through this programme, financial contributions from the staff and students are collected and amount is distributed to the students who are good in studies but economically backward. It is a great relief to the students.

  3. The Staff Club, the association of teaching faculty in the college has collected fund from the teachers and donated that money for the people who are in distress and disease, when they approach the college. It also extended financial support to non-teaching staff.

  4. Nattuchanda: in association with the Madathilasan Centre for Human Empowerment of K.G.College, Pampady and the SBI branch, Kuttickal, a village market or “Nattuchanda” was held every Sunday afternoon at the premises of Kuttickal SBI bank. The villagers got the opportunity to bring their agricultural products cultivated with organic farming methods. They get a decent price for their commodities and the buyers get the products at a moderate rate and free from chemicals and pesticides. Besides it recollects the past memories of Kerala where the farmers cultivated for their use and the surplus brought to the markets in the villages. So they got the opportunity to come together and exchange their fresh agricultural products. Altogether there were 12 “Nattuchandas” within three months i.e. from September 2019 to December 2019.The coming of the pandemic ‘Covid 19’ faded the scope of the “Nattuchanda”

5. “Santhvanam” Music Programme: it is another venture of the Madathilasan Centre for Human Empowerment in alliance with the Government Taluk Hospital, Pampady. The aim of the project is the use of music for healing and it is a way of palliative care for the patients they are affected by chronic diseases. The first programme was held on October 12, 2019 at Government Taluk Hospital, Pampady. The organizers chartered the programme once in three months. The emergence of Covid 19 made restrictions on this type of programmes and the office bearers of the project are eagerly waiting for the normal situation of human life to resume the programme.

The above mentioned programmes are some of the notable deeds of charity under the supervision of K.G.College, Pampady. Through these deeds we tried to fulfill the vision and mission of Pampady Thirumeni, founding saint of the college. There were so many other factors of charity undertaken by the college and its community. In the coming years also we plan to organize different programs in the direction to serve the society which need our assistance.