Best Practices

1. Campus to Community Programme

Goal of the programme:

The College is founded in the name of Kuriakose Mar Gregorios, our patron saint, who served the community with compassion. The founding fathers of the college established the college with the objective of changing the life of people by quality education. Hence the campus to community programme of the college aims to enhance the standard of living of our own students and also of local community.


Pampady is a rural area where majority of the population depends on agriculture and casual labour for their bread. An educational institution operating in such place without touching the lives of the poor is meaningless. Hence, the campus to community programmes of the college is dedicated to needy students and neighbours of the college.

About the Programme:

The campus to community programme aims the uplift the quality of life of the people in and around the College. Keeping in mind this objective, the following activities are undertaken by different groups of students, teachers, alumni and PTA.


It is a unique program of the college, conducted with the annual sports day. The fund is raised through lucky draw coupon, stalls such as food , game etc. run by the students of various departments. The fund through this program is utilized for charity work. CARNIVAL 2018-19 fund is utilized for the renovation of house of one of our student in the department of Zoology.

2. Support to Asha Kiran

ASHA KIRAN, a palliative care unit, situated very close to the college, where old orphans are accommodated. The college is regularly supplying water for the use of inmates. The students and teachers make regular visits to Asha Kiran and provide financial assistance and also spend much time with the inmates. Also, the students extended financial assistance to Abhaya Bhavan (nearby charitable institution) through charity boxes.

3. Blood Donor’s Forum

The blood donor’s forum of NSS unit called as “Life Donors” cater many of the blood needs in and around Kottayam. During the year, more than 70 volunteers donated blood for the needed in various hospitals of the district.

As a source for easy availability of blood in much needed times, a blood directory was published by the NSS Unit of K.G College. The directory consists of the entire student’s blood group and their contact numbers. In case of emergencies for any blood group, the directory will be very useful.

4. Flood Relief Activities

During the unprecedented flood which occurred in Kerala in August 2018, the college community joined hands together in doing whatever they could, to support the affected people – collected funds and distributed among the needed, took part in the rehabilitation and cleaning work under the auspices of various Government Agencies and Non-Government organisations like Malayala Manorama, National Forum of People Rights, Thiruvalla etc. The college NCC and NSS unit is always in the forefront in serving the community, which instills the need for a community living among the students. Some of our departments had gone an extra mile in giving special tutorial sessions for the students who had lost their regular classes due to flood, which the student community received with great enthusiasm.

Evidences of Success: The success of any programme is measured on the basis of the outcome of the programme. The college community, while introducing these under the campus to community initiative aimed to support the poor in the immediate vicinity of the college and there by learn some good lessons out of it. Both these objectives are met. The response of the local people really motivated our community and gave immense courage to think differently and to bring about positive outcomes to the sections of society where help is imminent. The leaders at the local self governments always approach us to undertake some new initiatives. Whenever a new community oriented programme is organised by the Panchayat, the officials and local leaders take support of the college to make the programmes successful. This indicates the popularity of the organising capacity of our extension division. More smiling faces of the beneficiaries of our programmes motivates us to do more. This gives us to develop ourselves as good citizens by cultivating the qualities of fellowship, compassion and dedication to the common causes. It also gives opportunity to develop organising skill and the capacity to work in groups. As recognition to the efforts of the students, NSS Unit of the College is selected as the Best NSS Unit of the MG University for the last three years.

Problems encountered and Resources required: There are mainly two problems in connection with these programmes. One is the difficulty to find time for undertaking all the programmes without affecting the normal working of the College. Even though we have managed the problem by organising many programmes on holidays, it is practically difficult to add more programmes of this kind due to the paucity of time. Another block is the money needed to organise the programme. The College is not able to contribute money for these programmes. But we have managed financial problems by arranging funds from like-minded people and NGOs/Trusts and we will definitely come with more such programmes in future.

2. Student Support through Stakeholder Support

Goal of the Programme: A good number of students pursuing education in KG College are from poor background. A College which has been supporting the poor outside cannot remain intact when some of the colleagues are facing troubles. Hence, the objective is to extend our hands to support the poor students for the completion of their education.

The Context: More than 40 percent of the students in the KG College are from poor back ground. There are students who have no parents, ailing parents and drunkards or from broken families with poor financial support. It is the moral responsibility of the citizens to support such students to complete their education. Moreover, supporting the poor in the campus creates a culture of mutual support, bonding relationships and creates a sense of attachment to the College.

The Programmes: Stake holders are supporting the financially backward students of the College in many ways. The teachers and management of the College are acting as the facilitators of this programme.

  1. Student Adoption Scheme: In this scheme, the teachers will identify financially weak students who could not continue their education due to shortage of money, and inform the alumni who are ready to adopt a student for educational support. The alumni will deposit the entire money required for the completion of the programme with a bank account maintained with the Canara Bank. The teacher in charge of the programme will release the amount at the beginning of the year to the concerned student..

2. Scholarships by Alumni and Retired Staff: Former students who are now in good position and are willing to support the young generations in their alma mater are requested to contribute a lump sum for giving scholarships to brilliant and economically backward students. Retired staff also have instituted many scholarships on merit cum means basis which are really helpful to brilliant but financially backward students to continue their education.

3. Fast A Day Feast A Friend: The College MGOCSM unit, a secular students’ wing actively participates in Community extension programs and their flagship program ‘Fast a Day, Feast a Friend’ is one to be mentioned with special regard. Every year a particular day is earmarked for collecting voluntary financial contributions from the college community and the fund raised through this, is handed over to the Principal to distribute to the needy hands among the students.

Evidence of Success: Successful continuation of these inspiring programmes is in itself a strong indicator of excellent student-teacher and institutional relationship. This is a never ending story of culture inculcated by the College through strong bonding between the minds of students and teachers.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The main reason for the success of this giving back by the alumni is the presence of the senior faculty members. They are the connecting link between the institution and the alumni. Once they are retired, the thread is badly severed. Those who replace their positions couldn’t effectively strike a cordial connection to the alumni of the previous generations.